Vito (W639) Rear Coil Spring Replacement

If ever there was a job that took more time to consider than actually physically tackling the task then this is it!

Mercedes Vito W639 Rear Spring Replacement 1

Replacement of the rear coil spring on the W639 Vito is ‘super-easy’ and should not be a problem for even the most inexperienced home mechanic, saving you a great deal of money in the process.

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First jack up the rear of the vehicle from the sill end buffer (jacking point) nearest the rear wheel with the broken coil spring. Remove the road wheel and place a stout wooden block beneath the swinging arm, directly under the spring cup and carefully lower the vehicle body on the jack. Lower it so that the swinging arm transfers some of the weight of the vehicle onto the wood. Now remove the lower shock absorber bolt (21mm socket and bar) from the swinging arm (or rear radius arm if you prefer that term).

Mercedes Vito W639 Rear Spring Replacement 3

Jack the vehicle once again, up and away from the wooden block. Once raised, use a lever if needed to pry down the rear edge of the swinging arm to release the spring from the upper cup/bump stop. The spring will come out easily, usually along with the rubber cushion mounting pad, either top or bottom as it feels the need.

Mercedes Vito W639 Rear Spring Replacement 5

Simply re-fix the mounting pad to the new coil spring, lever down the swinging arm once more and insert the new spring. Place the wooden block under the swinging arm again and lower the vehicle carefully with the jack to take weight onto the block, beginning to compress the spring to a point where the lower shock absorber eye is parallel with the threaded portion in the arm so the bolt can be easily replaced and retightened.

Mercedes Vito W639 Rear Spring Replacement 6

Check the ‘seating’ of the spring and if all is well – replace the road wheel and put the kettle on.

The Sachs OEM replacement springs (Sachs part number 627221840) that were used in this instance to replace the ‘stock springs’ were made of far heavier weight steel stock and did not taper in thickness towards the extremities of the coil ends as the original did. Assuming that because of this the new springs were rated as heavy-duty they would be best changed in pairs, its a simple job and there is really no excuse to change just one and have odd springs fitted on one axle – for peace of mind always change them in pairs!

Mercedes Vito W639 Rear Spring Replacement 7

4 thoughts on “Vito (W639) Rear Coil Spring Replacement

  1. I have the job to do, the rear top spring seat fell apart and the spring basically fell over.

    Looking for the part number of the front spring seat, can’t see to find it listed anywhere.

    1. Hi Mark,
      A MB dealer will be able to help you if you give him the vehicle VIN and explain what you need. There are aftermarket upper pads made for those doing the air ride to conventional conversions and it may be worth asking a supplier of those if you have no luck with the dealer.
      All the best

  2. Spot on 👍 Garage quoted 2hours I did it in one hour and I’m a plumber 😂 Absolute legend who put this post together 👍👍👍

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