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This Items Wanted page is available to Mercedes Gen-In followers who would like to place ‘free’ entries to try and locate Mercedes related items they may be looking for. To place your wanted ad please email your details and requirements through the contact form here.
Regards Steve


WANTED – gear linkages for our 1986 Mercedes 207D RETRO ice cream van. We have had problems with gear failure twice in recent weeks and the garage tells us we need replacements. Must be in good condition. Many thanks. Mike Sewell –  email: (August 2015)

WANTED – looking to buy two single seats to go into the back of my 2004 Vito any one have a pair for sale?

Contact: Steve Brown –   (April2015)

WANTED – Mercedes Sprinter good used short 4Cyl 2.1l engine/block crank pistons – must be good condition and realistic price – Vito 639 block considered. Contact: Steve –   (April2015)

2 thoughts on “Items Wanted

  1. Wanted drivers door retainer not sure what it should be called but the thing that stops the door from opening too far and holds it open.
    on my 2004 vito it is missing completely.

    Regards Poppy Ann.

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