3 thoughts on “Mercedes Audio – ISO Wiring Connections

    1. Hi Arthur,
      There is a phone mute built into most modern Mercedes radio sets. This is used in conjunction with the audio inputs at the rear to work with hands free kits etc. Some Parrot hands free kits work without an interface and when they ring (connection to phone terminal) the radio audio mutes and phone sound is routed to the speakers via the radio unit amplifier. For a wiring circuit you will need to look on the phone kit manufacturers web sites as often they show how to wire their kit into different makes of car.
      All the best

  1. I just replaced my factory fitted radio with one of the newer 7 inch screen units that has a built in GPS navigation system along with an input for a reversing camera it took a while to work out what connections to use due to most of the inputs on mercedes being done via can bus, in the end I took the Aux line from the cigarette lighter and the reverse signal by cutting the wire to the reverse micro switch then connecting two wires to the switch which I used to operate a double pole double throw relay one side connected to the old wires that went to the reversing micro switch and the other that switched aux power to the reverse input on the radio and to a wireless camera receiver from bangood for £8.56 and then fitted the camera to the rear and just connected it to the reversing light power lead, and no need to buy a can bus converter which are around £50 upwards, as yet i have not fitted a input from the lights that dim the display but I am happy to just touch the radio and do it manually as you only need to do it once on each trip.

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