Vito Gear Selector Cable Install/Adjustment Documentation

Vito Gearchange Cable Install/Adjustment Documentation

Click the link below to view information on W638 and W639 Mercedes Benz Vito gear select control cables.

5 thoughts on “Vito Gear Selector Cable Install/Adjustment Documentation

    1. Hi there,
      Check out the selector cable connections on the gearbox, make sure everything is moving. Check the function of the clutch and ensure it is disengaging fully. You will find some more details if you take a look at the replies/comments to the post. I would need some more detail to make a more comprehensive diagnosis.
      Best Regards

  1. would someone please point me in the right direction with maybe a drawing oh how to adjust the cables on a115 cdi vito gear linkage every one just talks about it but no one actually give and real info \

    1. Hi Paul,
      The information is here its in the Mercedes Gen-In Links section and has been referred to in a few questions relating to gear selection difficulties. I have now added the link to the description / text in the main article.
      All the best

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