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  • From Mārtiņš Dimants on Poor First Gear Selection - Manual Gearbox Problem W639 Vito - Cure

    Hi Steve
    Just wanted to let you know that You are a legend.
    Changed gearbox oil on my 2013 113cdi 6 speed Vito to atf-u. 1st to 2nd gear change is smoooooth!! And all the rest of them as well. Also had difficulty getting it in to 1st but gear knob bushing sorted that. Feels like brand new van.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  • From matej on Mercedes Benz Sound 5 Radio CD Player HA1111 Hidden Test Mode Menu

    Hi everybody, I just succeeded , following advises up here, wired AUX on my sound 5 CD radio in my Mercedes b class W245. Thanks for advises.
    At this point I have another idea-possibly to replace existing sound 5 radio with new 7” radio set (touch screen, GPS,….) as now a days cars have. There is large offer on web but problem I am facing is dash configuration, not possible to mount such set, different dash configuration should be mounted. I think B class w245 with sound 20 has such dash.
    Has somebody advise where such dash can be found or any experience with .
    Many thanks

  • From Denis Cook on Mercedes C Class W203 - Dim Multi-Function Instrument Display (MFD) - LCD Panel Replacement

    Do you think it is possible for a faulty LCD to kill all instruments in the cluster?

    Our LCD dimmed over a few years and now the whole cluster is dead (no gauges work at all)



    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Mercedes C Class W203 - Dim Multi-Function Instrument Display (MFD) - LCD Panel Replacement

      Hi Denis,
      It sounds more likely to be either a supply fuse, cabling, connector or internal voltage regulator. I doubt the LCD panel unit itself could cause such a problem.
      Best Steve

  • From Gary Laird on Mercedes SLK Vibration on Overrun - All Gears - Propshaft Centre Bearing Replacement

    I have a facelift r170 SLK230 and using the great description above I’ve started doing the work to replace the prop centre bearing. I have taken three of the six bolts off the rear flex disk but the rear section of the prop shaft does not move forward. I guess I’ve taken off the wrong three bolts and that the flex disk is removed with the rear section of the prop? Also you mention that the rear prop will slide forward two inches….does it really have that much movement to clear the diff spigot?

    The Mercedes workshop manual for the older R170 states that you need to remove complete propshaft, which requires you remove rear engine mount and support the transmission. I’m hoping this is a variation on the post and pre-facelift versions?


  • From Andrew heees on Vito (W639) Rear Coil Spring Replacement

    Spot on 👍 Garage quoted 2hours I did it in one hour and I’m a plumber 😂 Absolute legend who put this post together 👍👍👍

  • From Graham Coveyduck on How not maintaining your Sprinter air filter can leave you stranded

    I have a Sprinter 412D 2.9 904 chassis/platform unit 4 tonne. I found over a period of 18 months I had a lot of black oily deposit all over the top of the engine. I mentioned it to my garage and they said that “diesels do that” and it seemed to be getting worse, but two annual services showed up nothing and the vehicle used 1 litre of oil/10,000 miles.

    I was fitting a new pollen filter and was having issues getting the cover back on when I knocked the EGR valve, AND IT MOVED!! One bolt was missing and the other was half undone. I took the EGR (its non electronic!!) off and it was totally blocked solid and the vac valve did not work. I fitted a replacement which works well BUT as soon as the engine is started the valve opens and presumably stays open.
    I note that the vac pipe is connected to a control valve on the bulkhead which I assume is connected to the ECU. Does that mean that the control valve is faulty as the odd post I have found seems to suggest that when cold the valve should remain closed . I get black smoke at idle or over-run but no black smoke when I am pulling hard. I have ordered a replacement control valve and I assume that the control valve will open and close the EGR on demand depending what the engine is doing and at what temperature. Should the opening of the mechanical EGR valve be variable, or just open or closed.

    On another subject, I asked last year about getting a replacement LHD exhaust system. Easier said than done if you have a 904 chassis platform unit. The after market guys don’t want to know because the 904 is the base for a complete body, and is often modified. I ended up getting a custom built stainless steel system built by Fast Road Conversions at Ashford in Kent. Cost £550 + vat with a vehicle lifetime guarantee. It took them 5 hours to build it from scratch and it is a lot quieter than the existing Merc system and cost the same as the Merc parts excluding fitting.

  • From Karl Gaynor on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

    Hello I have a 2003 sprinter starts no problem and ticks over but Edc light comes on and stays on I would be grateful for any advice thanks

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

      Hi Karl,
      It could literally be one or a selection of things. You won’t know until you get a code read to at least give you a starting point. Hope that helps!

  • From Brad on Synchronising the single button IR Mercedes Key

    will a 97 s600 key start the car without batteries ?

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Synchronising the single button IR Mercedes Key

      Hi Brad,
      If the alarm is in its disarmed state and the car is unlocked, it should yes.

  • From Gaz Wood on Later Sprinter Crafter Axle Swap - Tips & Notes

    Hello great write up.

    One question to clarify. I have a 2012 vw crafter and I need to remove the hub. If I remove the 4 reverse torx bolts as you state, can the hub be remove without removing the half shaft too?

    Will either the hub or hub mad half shaft come away without the need for a puller tool?


    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Later Sprinter Crafter Axle Swap - Tips & Notes

      The ‘Hub’ as I understand you referring to as the part the wheel bolts screw into, is a turned part of the end of half shaft and is not removable as a separate assembly. You will not need a puller tool just a tap round with a soft faced hammer.
      Best regards

  • From Harry Walker on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

    Hi Steve,

    The LED backlight on the odometer does not shut off after the vehicle is turned off. This (I think) has been causing the battery to drain when the van has been sitting for extended periods of time.

    Any advice on how to fix this?

    Thank you.

    – Harry

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

      Hi Harry, could be the ignition switch is faulty allowing current to pass to aux circuits when in off position or a door closure switch not making – this means the vehicle thinks a door is open and illuminates the odometer. You should be able to open a door and the milage display illuminates.
      Best Steve

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