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  • From Kalev on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

    Hi Steve,

    Excellent site: well structured and concise info, it’s very helpful, thanks! I wonder whether you’d mind to advise – I made the impulse reader as per the diagram shown here and elsewhere, tried to read signals on my 2002 W210 OM612 diesel 38-pin diagnostics socket. Instead of getting any blinks after releasing the switch, I have the LED lit during the time of depressing the switch. As the switch is released, the LED goes off, no blinks. I tried pin 6 (ABS, etc.), since the car keeps noting BAS malfunction, so I assume there should be an error code present in this particular circuit. The key is in ignition and position 2 during the test. Am I doing something wrong? Should the pins be inserted into the socket before I turn on the ignition?

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  • From Alexander on Poor First Gear Selection - Manual Gearbox Problem W639 Vito - Cure

    Hi Steve

    Firstly, thanks for this post, its very informative.

    I have just replaced a gearbox on my 203 (a 716.651 6 speed manual) as the old one used to pop out of first. This one is all good, apart from difficulty getting into second gear. I see the cable adjustment on WIS, but it references a special tool that you insert under the lever to pull it up, which I am unable to buy.

    Any ideas on how to adjust this cable without the tool?

    I also replaced the prop center support bearing at the same time, and now have a “wooooing” noise at approx 40mph. Its quite loud and was not there before. Coming on/off the power does not change the noise. Is my second hand gearbox faulty, or the new prop bearing? Thanks in advance.

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    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Poor First Gear Selection - Manual Gearbox Problem W639 Vito - Cure

      Hi Alexander,
      You could loosen the support bearing and change its position slightly and see if makes any difference to the noise. Prop bearing noise would be there all the time at a lesser or greater degree dependant on road speed, there is a chance the gearbox has a main shaft/layshaft bearing issues but check oil level is correct first. You should be able to buy the cable adjustment tool from any Mercedes Commercial Dealer just quote the tool number part code at the service desk.
      Best Steve

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  • From Rakoto Tinah on Mercedes Sprinter Radio Code Decoder

    Hi Steve,
    Please, can you help me to get the code of my sprinter radio type sound 10
    Model: BE 4103
    Seriel: Y8076501

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  • From Fabio on Mercedes Benz Sound 5 Radio CD Player HA1111 Hidden Test Mode Menu

    God bless you Mark! Grazie mille from Florence.

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  • From David Arnold on Mercedes SLK (R170) Central Locking Problems Resolved

    Greetings fellow owners,
    I have a 2003 SLK230 special edition in Yellow. I have owned it for around six years and largely it is trouble free however, recently it has been left immobile in the garage for a variety of reasons none of them due to the vehicle itself.
    Last time I took the car out for a drive the remote central locking didn’t operate. I had noticed that it’s operation was slow previously but that’s understandable when it sits stationary for months on end.
    I read the post on how to fix or possible reasons and determined that the air pump was operating when I pressed the dash switch. Next step was to check the battery voltage in the remote. This proved reasonable (2.7v) but, not having dismantled them before. I observed that two batteries were fitted where I expected only one. After fiddling unsuccessfully I decided to bend the positive terminals slightly to make a better contact with the battery and hey presto, the remote now operates. I have no idea why anything would have caused the terminals to become unsatisfactory but thought it a good idea to pass on my discovery.

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  • From Paul Rook on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

    I made up a LED tester for my 1997 C280. It is giving me 13 blinks on pin 4 (HFM/SFI.) What exactly is this code and how do I fix it? I have seen 2 different documents where one says the O2 system is too rich or too lean and another that says it is HFM/SFI.

    Also, the engine can idle a little rough when hot.

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    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

      Hi Paul,
      13 blinks on HFM/SFI peg four usually means the Lambda is at out of limit, this could mean either too high or too low (too lean or too rich) You need to check for inlet manifold leaks, spray WD40 around the joint faces with the engine running and listen for a change in engine note. This would signify a leak in the gasket leaning out the mixture out of range.

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  • From Gulrez Singh on Mercedes Diesel Injector Advice - Sprinter and others

    Hi steve,

    For the sprinter injector, the top part where the electrical socket sits, i confirmed from testing it has short circuited.
    Does this mean the nozzle is a complete loss or i can purchase just the top electrical socket part of the injector.?

    Pls help this sprinter is also an ambulance

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  • From Tony on Mercedes Diesel Injector Advice - Sprinter and others

    Hi New to this.
    I have just been stitched up and have bought a c class 220 CDI , had a problem with large missfire when cold and very big fume problem in the cabin took it in to have exhaust checked, the tech said i know what’s wrong by the sound of the engine, he removed the plastic top cover and showed me the fumes being pumped out past the faulty injector!
    They do not do deisel, so i thought i will fix it myself i have a engineering background,
    How difficult can it be? Wish i had looked here before i got into it!
    Fitted new seal after recutting seat, during refitting i broke the bolt,
    Checked at what depth it broke at, about 30 mm had broken off
    Did not bother to extract, instead i retapped for hellicoil,
    Look’s like just rethreading the first 20 mm will not work as that’s only rocker cover,
    Anybody had any success removing a broken injector clamp bolt?
    Great site.

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  • From Collins on Mercedes SRS Fault - Fix

    Hiya Steve
    I have a mercedes benz c class w203 kompressor c200,my fuel gauge doesn’t seem to work, I have tried removing the sender units to check for any broken wires,none found. Oh gauge doesn’t even flick on the instrument cluster when you the ignition on. Any ideas mate?,. I know I might have to replace both sender units, but I thought I would ask for ideas first coz they don’t come cheap. Cheers.

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  • From Oli Harvey on Synchronising the single button IR Mercedes Key

    Hi Steve,
    Have just bought a 97 R170 SLK 230K and the key fob is faulty. Single button, flip out key.
    Using the blade it will unlock the drivers door and start the car. Central locking and alarm don’t seem to work via the fob or the key. Central locking arms via button on the dash, unsure about alarm operation from here, what is your advice please?

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