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  • From Bec on Adjusting the (W639) Mercedes Vito Reverse Lamp Switch

    That was a great explanation and helped me fix my lights. Thanks so much 👍👍

  • From Lisa Johnson on Mercedes SLK (R170) Central Locking Problems Resolved

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for this page! My 2001 SLK door locks died today and I believe your diagnosis is spot on. It’s the drivers door that has the audible hiss comming from it. The trunk and passenger door still work as advertised after a wait. As was said here I can here the pump running longer then usual till it times out. This car is like new with only 51,000 miles on it and thus the cabin is pretty air tight and the door takes an extra nudge to close it completely and that extra jaring has probably broken off that little elbow as you have described. When it warms up a little here I’m going to get that door panel off and fix this as you have described. Thanks so much for your help.

  • From Gel automotive on Mercedes SLK (R170) Central Locking Problems Resolved

    Thanks guys really helped

  • From Chris on Mystery fan noise in cabin when ignition off - Vito W639

    I’ve got 3 problems I can’t understand on my 2010 Vito Dualiner.
    1. I have the same fan noise in the passenger footwell and a quieter one above the radio which seems to stop if I turn ignition on and off a second time.
    2. The radio works fine but and if I put a cd in the player it plays ok but then the trouble starts. If I want to eject it and put another cd in it wont accept another cd. Pushing harder makes no difference. I then try to turn the radio off and on and the radio wont turn off. If I switch the engine off it stays on. If I switch the engine back on it turns off. If I then switch ignition off again radio stays off but you can hear a whirring sound as if the cd is trying to load. The only way to stop it is to put a cd approx. an inch inside the slot then withdraw it and the noise stops. What could this be?
    3. Last but not least an irritating one. My warning light illuminates telling me I have a problem with my lights but when we check they all work perfectly. Warning light doesn’t always illuminate sometimes I can put the lights on and no warning light at all? Would value your comments folks. This is the first Merc I’ve owned.

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Mystery fan noise in cabin when ignition off - Vito W639

      Chris, there is a cooling fan under the fuse box casing under the bonnet that vents into the passenger compartment, that fan is going to be the source of the noise in the footwell. There is also a cooling fan at the rear of the Audio10 radio CD player and that too gets more noisy with age.
      There is a problem with the CD loading mechanism on your CD player by the sounds of it. You can get a complete Audi10 CD unit off Ebay and strip it to swap over the mechanism, quite straight forward, as I remember one ribbon connector and two screws once you get the lid off. Doing this totally avoids the CODE issue of the player as you are only swapping the mechanism!
      Good luck

  • From Don Atas on Mercedes Sprinter - Engine Oil in Coolant Water - Oil Cooler Leak - Fix

    Hello. I have mb c270 cdi 2002. Found that there is oil skin in expansion tank. I thougt, that oil cooler problem. Changed with a new cooler, seals. Cleaned expansion tank, however, thin oil skin comes again. Any ideas? Blown head gasket, cracked head? Pain in the butt. Also while not hot, there is hesitation, revs jumping up and down. Doing like a pig. Like 50c- 60 c reached, everything goes fine. Diagnostic shows heater booster. Is it possible, that its fault? Also sometimes wont start in first cycle. Changed both sensors: camshaf/crankshaft. Can be fuel pressure regulator issue? When cold gearbox hits, but after that, when it warm, hitting stops or hits are more gentle. So its hydro tranformator, right? 😀 Thank you fro the answers.

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Mercedes Sprinter - Engine Oil in Coolant Water - Oil Cooler Leak - Fix

      Hi there Don,
      As the oil gets to circulate through the entire cooling system it is not unusual for it to take some months of use to clear. Keep removing the residue from the reserve tank and hopefully it will eventually clear.

  • From Gerardo on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

    I have a 2500 2011 sprinter Mercedes-Benz it was running good no lights o advice, I park go to the store get out and don start, check, high pressure pump, pump fuel, good ,but cut the fuel suply and don’t starts any advice ,thanks

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

      Be sure there is no problem with the key and its key coding. Try the spare key an see if that works correctly.

  • From malcolm on Mercedes Vito W638 Drive Shaft Boots - Obtaining Pattern Parts

    very helpful thank you

  • From patrick houston on Mercedes Sprinter Clutch Replacement (T1N, NCV3, VW Crafter and other MB)

    Hello Steve, my Merc SLK 200 manual 2003, 69000 miles, has like very many of these cars, the dreaded 1st/2nd selection woes. 1st is a forced selection, then 2nd, is selected by a strong hold of the lever towards the passenger side, as I slowly select 2nd to prevent crunch. . The feel for 2nd, is ‘rubbery ‘selection, akin to heavy oil preventing the syncromesh ring from allowing a slick selection. All the other gears including reverse are ok. There is a squeal initially from release bearing on first clutch application, then it behaves after that. Have changed oil to recommended MTL, and dropped oil level as recommended; no effect. In your experienced opinion, is this still , Air in system, or Clutch / Bind or Syncro. replace by expert.

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Mercedes Sprinter Clutch Replacement (T1N, NCV3, VW Crafter and other MB)

      Hi Patrick,
      It could just be worn synchros, however if you can change gear by forcing the lever over I wonder if the lever selection mechanism is perhaps worn, bent or just plain tired. As you may have read we did actually find on one occasion a lump of loadstone jammed in a gear selection mechanism of a 2004 SLK causing selection problems, this had spun up from the road and wedged itself in-between the selection rods restricting movement, once it was removed… perfect. I would double check the mechanism and be sure the is well there.

  • From des singh on LED Lighting Upgrade - Side Light & Interior - Mercedes SL (R129)

    I fiited leds for daytime running lights on my 2014 lwb sprinter and the lamp fail warning keeps coming on.any ideas how to get rid of this lamp fail warning gang?

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on LED Lighting Upgrade - Side Light & Interior - Mercedes SL (R129)

      Hi Des,
      You will need to buy CANBUS warning free LED lamps, often those from China state CAN-Free, but in reality they are not. Go to an auto store, speak to the guys there and they will point you to the correct lamps with the resistor network that fools the car into thinking it has filament lamps installed.

  • From robert on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

    Hi .. I have a problem with the Viano 3.0 cdi 2007. After changing the fuel filter, the yellow engine fault warning light comes on and the fault is 2020-001 .. which is the most likely fault: pressure regulator carill, or flow regulator by the low pressure inlet? Thank you very much Regards

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

      Hi Rob,
      Start by replacing that filter with a genuine MB part, often there are different filter screen sizes in the aftermarket ones, if there isn’t a leak or something similar on the replacement then try fitting a genuine part with new seals.

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