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  • From Rick Tolson on Mercedes Diesel Injector Seal Replacement - Notes

    This is the best write up I have ever read and I am extremely grateful for all the great advice. Thanks so much, how do I join the club…

  • From Paul Vinson on Sprinter >2006 Cutting out and None Start - A Few Notes - Causes and Things to Check

    Hi again.
    Paul here with an update on the 2006 sprinter no start.
    Well it’s been 15 months since the Sprinter refused to start. Thank goodness I had the old ‘W’ reg one. That old sprinter now needs lots of welding so back to getting the 2006 started.

    Took the injectors to local specialist for testing. Could not test as all injectors ‘contaminated’ £5.00 each for looking.
    Bought 3 injectors of ebay (one had been sold already) fitted them, primed the fuel lines, bit of diesel in the intake manifold!!!!!! It started. Rough running but put that down to the odd injector used to make up the 4. Used clean drum of fuel to avoid possible rubbish in the old tank.
    Drove it from farmers field to his workshop.
    Stripped the front bodywork to get to all the bits needed. Started it again and drove it into yard to power wash. Started again (roughly) but started, and driven back into workshop.
    Stripped out all the injectors, fitted new seals and stretch bolts. Bought a refurbed injector £112.00 and fitted that.

    No start.
    Tried everything .
    Talking to a friend about an Iveco van he had about possible purchase and he said it had taken 7 months to get his running. It was a faulty wiring loom to the injectors on top of the engine. Replaced with a S/H one and it started.
    So back to the 2006 Sprinter. Stripped out the old injector wiring loom and rewired the cables to the injectors. All soldered joints and shrink wrapped.
    Van tries to start but still no luck. Wondered if I have the location of the injectors wrong. I did take care but may have mis read the wiring colours due to all the black muck around them
    From the front cylinder the leads seem to have these tracer colours on the old wires.
    1 Green
    2 Brown
    3 Red
    4 Yellow.

    I’ve tried to find a wiring diagram on the net but it’s a needle in a haystack. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.



  • From andy on Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engine - Removal and Replacement (T1N)

    i have a really mint jeep crd 2.7, merc engine and gearbox but the engine has been very badly damaged beyond reasonable repair , my wife loves it and was just wondering about putting possiably a smaller engine in it for her running about in 2.2 or somthing shes mentioned it will break her heart to let it go,just thought you were the man to know and give me some ideas to help out maybe.

  • From Lawrence Wallin on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

    Hello Steve

    I came across your site while looking for a diagnostic tool for 1995 C280 Mercedes I am slowly working to restore. I have really enjoyed reading your detailed assistance for many who have had some troubles with their respective cars.

    I must say Thankyou for your information reguarding the Carsoft software system you had advised for the older type of Mercedes it is truly appreciated. I have in the course of working on my C280 find it difficult to find much informaiton on that particular model (W202) and Im beginning to wonder if that is because it was a really bad Mercedes model.

    Anyway I Thankyou again for your great website and I will keep reading along.

    L Wallin

  • From Tim Hemming on Mercedes Sprinter Gear Selection Cable Replacement

    Fantastic write up, thanks!

  • From Mohsin Bux on Purchasing a used Mercedes Sprinter diesel engine.


    Firstly thanks a million for your most informative forum. Having little experience and knowledge and being a DIYer, you saved me a good few bucks through the years. Sadly however, I’ve had no luck with the work done on my 2004 w639 115cdi. What started off as possible valve stem replacement, ended up with me having the cylinder head replaced with a “tested” reconditioned one. Also replaced my injectors (MB 6470700087) with “tested” used injectors (MB 6460700487). My latest set of issues that i am having:
    Still grey smoke on start up, black smoke on idle, large amount of black smoke on acceleration and now smoke out of the dipstick. Water level drops and i was told that the cap needs to be replaced. When i reverted to you forum, my attention was drawn to the “oil dip-stick” section.

    Please advise urgently

  • From Remco Dijkstra on Sprinter / Vito Glove Box Catch / Latch Repair

    Hi Steve, thanks for going through the effort to share this. In my case it was the lower pivot pin which was causing the problem.

  • From Rob on Poor First Gear Selection - Manual Gearbox Problem W639 Vito - Cure

    Hi this really fits with our recent experience. We were advised to have a gearbox oil change as part of a service. Since that point first and second gear selection have been really difficult. Worse when cold funnily enough, suspected that the oil was too thick because it gets easier as it warms up.

    I will speak to them on Monday and signpost them to your logical professional, well researched post.

    Thanks very much for doing the hard yards and clearing up what was an intuitive hunch could be the cause.

    Thank you very much. Regards Rob

  • From Mark on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

    Hi Read most with interest.. I have 1999 mercedes sprinter 312d with 14 pin diagnostic socket WDB9034612P933743
    If I connect en ELM327 bluetooth to it using 14 to 16 pin connverter the it connects but gives garbled readings as I think it is pre OBD2 (works OK on my 2001 sprinter 311cdi also using converter cable)
    Is there any software (app) that will let elm327 understand mercedes pre OBD” socket?

  • From Nick on Mercedes Vito W639 Parking Brake - WARNING! - Don't adjust the shoes without INSPECTING THEM FIRST !!

    Put new backing plates on my W638 bus, had to cut out a section to get over the hub but it didn’t compromise the 3 securing bolt holes and it all sits correct.
    Had a nightmare putting the new discs over the new handbrake shoes despite everything being backed right off.
    Going to try and fit 1 old shoe and 1 new shoe and hope that gives me enough play to fit the disc on.
    Everything has been renewed by the way, thanks for the article and tips.

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