Mercedes Vito LED Side Light Upgrade

I recently ordered on-line, a number of T10 LED ultra-bright white side light bulbs for the Vito. After some web research of what offered the best and most uniform light output I settled for the 20 LED cluster type. These were ordered from Hong Kong for very little cost and to be honest when I eventually got hold of them I was surprised at how well made they were. The performance of these lamps was exceptional, with uniform, high brightness illumination even in daylight. I fitted the remainder of the ordered quantity to my wife’s Nissan Micra and friends Mitsibishi L200 and everyone was very pleased with the outcome. Exchanging my standard headlamp bulbs with Osram Night Breaker Plus, transformed the performance of the lighting measurably.

Here are the LED side light bulbs.

T10 LED Side Light Bulbs

Once fitted to the headlamp assembly the light given is very white in comparison to that of the normal tungsten T10 side light bulbs.  One thing to remember is that these LED bulbs are electrically polarised – If once fitted they do not illuminate, take them from the holder and turn them round re-inserting the blades of the lamp in the opposing way.  Due to this it is important that you test the lamps for correct illumination before inserting them into the reflector and building up the rear of the headlight casing.  You will need to make sure the LED lamps that you order are compatible with bulb-failiure warning systems (These have a resistor within them that presents the same drawn current to the electical sense circuit as tungsten lamps) or the vehicle bulb failiure warning light in the instrument panel will illuminate incorrectly.

Here is the sidelight shown illuminated in daylight.

LED Side Lamp

2 thoughts on “Mercedes Vito LED Side Light Upgrade

    1. Hi Thomas,
      You will need the LED lamps with built in resistor. If you use any other type it will trigger the bulb/lamp fail warning lamp on the dash. Have a look on EBay for the various types that fit both side, stop and tail lamps. Even amber is available for indicators.(Just make sure supplied with CANbus resistor as it is sometimes referred to in these ads)
      All the best

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