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  • From Don on How not maintaining your Sprinter air filter can leave you stranded

    Kind thanks Steve for sharing your knowledge and time, please know it’s much appreciated! I love learning about these T1N’s as one never knows when you can help another or yourself when they have issues. Also please know, by sharing the steps you go through to diagnose is also very much appreciated! These vehicles are much different than anything I’ve worked on in the past and to say ‘intimidating’ would be an understatement.

    Thanks again!

  • From Andy Field on Replacing Rear Brake Pads Mercedes Sprinter

    Hi, Thank you for the great information.

    I have a 1999 sprinter and recently had the rear pads rotor and handbrake shoes replaced. My question is after driving a few miles the rear wheels are quite hot compared the front wheels, is this normal?

  • From Phil supra on Mercedes Sprinter Turbo - Limp Home - Diagnosis and Fault Finding

    After 2 years of intermittent limp home turbo on my ’52 311, found a dodgy earth to the alternator to be the culprit. Ran additional earth wire to battery from alternator body and cleaned all earth contacts. 2 months now been fine.

  • From Barry on How not maintaining your Sprinter air filter can leave you stranded

    Hi Steve, what a geat site for reading-I dont have any running issues that need help (touch wood)
    I have a Vito 108cdi No EGR with 70k on the clock, i just wanted to ask if there was any way of eeking a little more power out of this engine?
    Thanks again for this site, very educational, thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • From Kamran Mahmood on Low Pressure Fuel Pump - Mercedes Sprinter Surging Engine - Will not go above 70mph

    I had this same problem for a year and half and have been meaning to get round to fixing it but have only been using the van on local roads. I tried fuel filter and then read this article went straight to mercedes and paid £52 for a sensor and it’s cured it . thankyou

  • From Sprinter Van Repair Man on Mercedes Sprinter Diesel Engine - Removal and Replacement (T1N)

    Great writeup!

  • From Matthias on Mercedes older series diagnostic fault code reading. W124 R129 & others

    Hi Steve! I must say that this is the first page I have found that’s giving straight answers about the diagnostics of mb. I’m wondering if you would know about a tool for my car, it’s an v-class -99 220 cdi w638 (38 pin). Im about to get the Autel MD808 Pro but i get different answers from the seller’s about the compatibility, my primary need is to read/erase codes and get rid of the service lamp.
    Best regards

  • From Sharibeen Damon on Mercedes Sprinter Front Spring Replacement

    thanks for great info. helped alot.

  • From Sprinter Van Repair Man on Mercedes Sprinter Front Spring Replacement

    Super good tutorial on this pain in the butt repair!

  • From Shaun on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

    Thanks for yet another informative and helpful post. I recently had a problem which was presenting itself as a glow-plug issue – the ‘wait to start’/glow plug light on the dash wouldn’t go out, engine wouldn’t start. The problem was intermittent (80/20) but we were sometimes in some remote, extremely cold locations (e.g. Switzerland in February), so glow plugs seemed a reasonable diagnosis.
    Finally got to a MB dealer in Zurich who diagnosed the fuse box as the source of the problem. Easiest course of action since we were pushed for time and far from home was to replace it with a new one. Cost 300CHF – considering everything is so much more expensive in Switzerland, I had feared it would cost more. Being a dealership, they gave me the old box: I plan to use this thread to see if I can resurrect the old box.