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  • From Sean Wicks on Mercedes Sprinter Clutch Replacement (T1N, NCV3, VW Crafter and other MB)

    Great info and thread 🙂

  • From Eoghan Barry on Adjusting the (W639) Mercedes Vito Reverse Lamp Switch

    Just got the lights working again.
    Have my van in for test in five days.
    Rear lights not working are a fail.
    1 garage told me the switch was on the gear box and must be corroded.
    Another that they could not work out what was happening as it was coming on and off.
    Thanks Pete.

  • From Chris Guy on Mercedes Vito W639 Front Road Spring Replacement

    absolutely great information, did just as you said, spring from ECP, used a freinds floor mounted changer to swop it took about 5 hours to do including going for the spring. Thanks for the info.


  • From DK on Mercedes Sprinter - Engine Oil in Coolant Water - Oil Cooler Leak - Fix

    Worth mentioning that when tightening back the new oil cooler, the bolts don’t need to be super tight because your screwing into aluminum. I recently did this and easily stripped 2 bolt holes like an idiot. I wish I had known I was screwing into aluminum

  • From R Bunseelal on Mercedes Sprinter Turbo - Limp Home - Diagnosis and Fault Finding

    Great explanation, does this apply to the 518 as well?
    Thank you

  • From Daniel Broomes on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

    Hi Steve

    I have a 2005 sprinter 311. The temp gauge just dropped down to zero then it jump back up and down. I have changed the temperature sensor and the thermostat and still the same problem. Do you think the fuse box can be my problem?


    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

      Hi Daniel,
      It could be a short in the wiring or a broken conductor near the plug to the temp sensor on the stat housing. Have a close look in that area.

  • From Ian Erickson on Unusual Intermittent Electrical Power Problems Mercedes Sprinter

    This is awesome Steve, thank you. I’m hoping it’s the source of my intermittent starting issues and occasional stalling while enroute in 2005 T1N. Do you have any suggestions for means of cleaning everything? Vinegar? Brass wheel on Dremel tool? Very much appreciated.

  • From Eugene o’REILLY on Mercedes Diesel Injector Advice - Sprinter and others

    Thankyou most helpful 😀

  • From Craig on P0410 Secondary Air Injection Fix - Mercedes S Class W220

    Best write up on this system I have ever seen. Even Mercedes service information is not this informative and put down in such a matter of fact, understandable way. I have repaired multiple S Class W220 sec air sys problems where the pump replacement and relay have done the job. But this last time everything seemed to work and still had p0410 coming back. Found that orange maxi fuse blown. Never had a problem with that on other cars so never even knew to check it. Problem solved thanks to you.

  • From Rafael A Medina on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

    2005 sprinter 5 cyl.
    New fuel rail.
    New intank fuel pump.
    Still no power.
    Will not pass 3000 rpms.
    Code reads 2021-1 (rail press is too low)

    • Steve Ball

      From Steve Ball on Sprinter Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Problems - Poor Starting

      Hi Rafael
      Check clutch switch and brake switch above pedal box.
      Best Regards Steve