My Mercedes W210 E320 CDI has taken a bash !

My prized example of luxury motoring has recently taken a bash from a motorist who in my opinion was not paying attention to what was in front of him.  I was only travelling at a slow speed when an approaching car positioned over on my side of the road, took no action to avoid hitting me.  Thankfully I managed to mount the curb a little and at least thwart a head on collision whilst the other vehicle continued without deviation to strike me from the mid drivers door to the rear arch without even braking, eventually stopping some 20- 25m past me!

Amazingly after some research I managed to get hold of some CCTV footage of the incident, briefly showing the impact in question from a nearby camera.


Its my guessing that the insurance company will sadly write my car off, although in great condition all round, it is quite old and has a low book value, we will have to wait and see.  I hope not but who knows !

Mercedes W211 E320 CDI Impact Damage

Mercedes W211 E320 CDI Side Impact Damage 1

Mercedes W211 E320 CDI Side Impact Damage 2

Mercedes W211 E320 CDI Side Impact Damage 2











I will keep you informed as to what happens…..  I am however expecting progress to be SLOW.

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