Mercedes Vito (W639) Manual Mirror Replacement


This is just a quick overview on how to replace the manual drivers (or passengers) door mirror on the Mercedes Vito W639. Written below is a brief run-down on how I replaced the door mirror. Not a massively technical job, I know, but may be useful for people who are a little wary about pulling the trim off.  The first thing you need to do is to carefully remove the plastic trim (shown inside the yellow rectangle on the photo below) that runs from the front/top of the door panel and all the way up to the top leading edge of the inner door frame.

The 2 yellow dots show the approximate location of these clips. Take care when removing to protect the trim, if possible, as my trim came off and left the clips still located in the door. Fortunately, the mounting points were not badly damaged and I was able to relocate them without any problems.

Mercedes Vito W639 Manual Door Mirror Replacement 1

The 2 clips that hold the panel in place are metal spring clips and these are located into small mouldings in the trim panel itself. Images below show the top and bottom clips, respectively, after I had relocated them.

Mercedes Vito W639 Manual Door Mirror Replacement 2

Once the trim has been removed, you will now see the third mirror mounting bolt and the 2 locating holes for the clips.

Mercedes Vito W639 Manual Door Mirror Replacement 3

Remove all 3 mirror housing bolts, being careful to support the door mirror to prevent damage to the mirror, or the door.

Mercedes Vito W639 Manual Door Mirror Replacement 5

And in the traditional vein of the Haynes manual, refitting is the reverse of removal!


The above article was submitted to Mercedes Gen-In with thanks to:
Peter Johnson of ‘Enhance With Vinyl’

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