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I recently had some success in finding the original 5 digit radio code for an early Mercedes Sound 10 radio unit fitted to a friends 2004 Mercedes Sprinter using this decode list.

Mercedes Sound 10

Mercedes Sound 10

You might want to give it a try.. No promises, but its worth a go!  Just enter the last 8 digits of your Sprinters VIN into the grey window of  the downloadable decoder spread sheet  and then press enter – if the radio code is known against the VIN number it will be displayed in the yellow window.  If  ‘N/A’  is displayed then its not your lucky day, sorry!   This will only work if you still have the original radio fitted from when your vehicle left the factory.  Remember this is for the early series of sprinters with the radio as the picture above.

If the above does not work out for you I still may be able to assist with the code for your old model radio cassette unit. Remove the radio from the dash and take down the Becker model and serial number from the paper label on the side of the set. List these details in the comments box beneath this post with your request and I will see what I can do.

PLEASE NOTE – while I will always try and help out Mercedes owners in any way I can ‘for free’ . In providing this service, it does take up some of my valuable time and the website needs to be hosted and funded in some way.  So if you have been helped with a Radio Code or found other information that it has personally saved you some time and money, you can click on the link to purchase the downloadable 2015 Mercedes Gen-In Review Ebook for £3.50 (Less than £5.00 USD) or by simply donating a small amount via PayPal with the button below. Making a donation or buying a hard copy of the website and its contained information will show your appreciation and thanks, helping to support the site so that you and others may continue to benefit from its existence. 🙂

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Instructions for entering the code:

After switching on the unit the display will show ‘SOUND 10’ for a brief time then clear.
Press [ ON ] and ‘SOUND 10’ will display again followed by ‘CODE * * * * ‘ The ‘C’ will be flashing.
Press [ + or – ] to increment/decrement the first digit of the code, then press [ M ] to select the second digit.
Repeat the procedure until all digits have been entered.
Upon entering the last digit press and hold the [ M ] key to accept the code.
The set will now turn on.

If ‘WAIT’ is displayed on your radio: This means that the incorrect code has been tried too many times. If you leave the radio powered on for over two hours it should reset and clear, allowing you to enter the new and correct code. It is possible for repeated could lock you out of the radio altogether, if this is the case WAIT will not disappear after two hours.  The radio will then have to electrically unlocked at an auto electrical radio specialist.

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