Mercedes Rust – The opinion of road salt corrosion from the Un-Salted of America

I was browsing some Mercedes related YouTube productions and came by this one.  A as a resident of the UK it gave great amusement.  How it must feel to be able to select a vehicle that has never seen road salt and drop like the proverbial ‘Hot Potato’ another that has.  This is an American Mercedes enthusiasts view on vehicles subject to road salt, just imagine what it would be like to have the option to choose a used car that has never seen road salt – so to all in the UK and some parts of Europe – enjoy the video from the Un-Salted of America!….. it made me smile. Laughing

Do remember check out more of Kent Bergsma’s ‘Mercedessource’ excellent YouTube content, absolutely loads of DIY information and pictorial demonstrations from this Mercedes Benz enthusiast, all produced in super quality.  His truly fantastic list of free video resources can be found here –

Kent now has a new website where you can actually purchase on-demand repair tutorial videos. Useful if you need that insider information from a reputable source.

There is also a fantastic range of .pdf downloadable manuals and documents covering specific maintenance tasks on modern and classic Mercedes cars, view the full range here:





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