Mercedes Benz Sound 5 Radio CD Player HA1111 Hidden Test Mode Menu

The Mercedes Sound 5 radio/cd Mobis HA1111 unit fitted to later Vito and Sprinter models has the ability to handle external wired audio input and can be modified as shown in this earlier post.  What had been assumed at the time of writing was that the radio could only be activated to allow this option using the MB dealer STAR plug in diagnostic tool.

Thanks to a reader of the original post (Mark) who discovered a manual way of activating the AUX mode through access to the radios hidden ‘Test Mode’ without using the MB Star dealer setup. Thanks again for this Mark !  There are other interesting options available to access through this menu too that I hope to investigate further given time. Response to this post has highlighted that there is a possibility current radios of this model (Model years 2012/2013-on) have the manual ‘front panel’ test mode disabled – Sadly if this is the case, you will have to take a trip to your dealer to have your chosen functions enabled via MB Star.

Mark’s original instructions are posted below along with a video that I made to show how to access the Test Mode and what was available once selected. I have made a listing of the available headings within the test mode scroll adding notation to the individual settings if known.

There are a few options that I am yet to fully understand but it should give most readers a general insight into ‘what-does-what’ and the meaning of some of the info displayed within. Please note that if your radio is the Becker Audio 5 NG BE9012 your test mode menu does not display ‘Test Mode’ when first entered, it just displays ‘SOUND 5’  From here you can then scroll through the menu selection as below.  You will also notice some of the listed options may or may not be available in the Becker model. (I have found that some EU Becker models do not seem to have the WB USA Weather Band option and also the CD Temperature warning is set at ‘0’ and appears not to function enabled in these versions.  However you may find different options are available to you once you enter the Test Mode menu on your own set)

Have fun…..

”Switch the radio on without the ignition on, and turn to radio function. Switch off…..then turn radio on again, after 2 sec. press the sound adjustment key (with the 2 notes on it) together with the #4 selector for radio stations. this puts you into the menu of the radios AUX EXT……press the button up key until you see the AUX OFF…..turn the volume dial till it says AUX EXT…..then press left key to finish…… press CD twice and you should see that button now has two options in the display…….NOW THE AUX IS ACTIVE !!!!!”

Here is my Gen-In video of how to access the TEST MODE  adopted from the above information that worked fine for me.


Assumed Functionality and Key Settings

I have taken a ‘first guess’ at what the individual settings mean or relate to – I may be wrong in some cases and there are a few I haven’t worked out yet but hopefully it will provide the basics to go on should you venture into this menu and wish to make some changes.


Test Mode

DEV – Hex ID Tag for the Device

SER – Serial Number of Device

HW – Hardware Date  /Week and Year/ (WW/YY)

SW – Software Date /Week and Year/ (WW/YY)


PRD – Production Date – /DAY/MONTH/YEAR  (DD/MM/YY)

TUN – Tuner  ???

P1– ???

FAD – Front to Rear Fader option ON/OFF

GAL – Speed Dependant Volume.  GAL is a special circuit which automatically adjusts the radio volume according to vehicle speed. This       compensates for higher noise levels at increased speeds.

                GAL OFF – No speed dependent volume adjustment

                GAL 1 – Volume adjustment set to activate at lower speeds

                GAL 7 – Volume adjustment set to activate at higher speeds

TON – Test tone


TP VOL – RDS Traffic program break in volume level

AREA – Sales Region ECE (Europe)

KW– Short Wave Band Selection option ON OFF (I assume this is SW option see below German radio band translation)

LW– Long Wave Band Selection option  ON OFF

LW is “Langwelle”, German for Long Wave (700m – 2000m)
MW is “Mittelwelle”, German for Middle Wave, or AM (185m – 580m)
KW is “Kurzwelle”, German for Short Wave (18.5m – 50m)
UKW is “Ultrakurzwelle”, German for Ultra Short Wave, or FM (87.5 – 108MHz)

WB– USA Weather Band Selection Option  ON OFF

USA NOAA Weather Band (WB) Channels


EXT– External audio input selection.  OFF or Either ON or AUX for auxiliary wired audio input

SCR– (ID3)  ON OFF ????

PHON- MIN  Minimum phone break in volume

PHON-MAX Maximum phone break in volume

AMP – Amplifier output ON OFF

CD – T  Temperature protection alarm limit for CD player (Disc/Player damage)

CAN – CANbus Security Location HEX Code (This model is blank FE00)

Blacked Out Display – Contrast Set/Test

Clear Display – Backlight Illumination Level Test

RESET – Press SC button to enter defaults and lose all custom settings of this menu

END – End of menu  Turn unit off on this point in the menu to save options.

45 thoughts on “Mercedes Benz Sound 5 Radio CD Player HA1111 Hidden Test Mode Menu

  1. Hi Steve,
    Many thanks for this very helpful information. I stumbled across your site whilst looking for something else, and very glad I did!
    I now have the AUX input that had been previously fitted in my vito, working. It literally took me a minute to do, so thanks.

    I have one further question that you may or may not be able to answer.
    Whilst scrolling through the test mode menu I decided to switch the AMP output on. I connected the yellow iso connector for pins 1-6 and hooked up an amp and speakers. No joy. – Do you know if the sound 5 stereo has the hardware within to drive an amp, or this just something in the carry over software?
    Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.
    Many thanks
    Tom Elliott.

    1. Hi Tom,
      Glad you found it informative reading.
      I must admit I don’t know the answer to your question regarding the low level audio output. Having assumed, like you, that as the pins were there and the radio option available in the menu, I do kind of find it strange that it does not give at least RCA audio level outputs. Did you try these pin outs for the yellow connector?:

      There is reference to an upgrade speaker system for the Vito and you would imagine you could specify it for either radio head unit. At least that’s how I understand the text.

      This mentions an amplifier mounted under the front seat and extra speakers I assumed upgrade available for all head options.

      I will have to dig out my spare set and fire it up and see what happens. Meantime if you get anywhere before I do please let me know your findings.

      All the best Steve.

      1. Hi Steve,

        Sorry for the late reply!
        Yes I did use the pin outs shown on the Merc Iso connections sheet, but with no joy.

        I haven’t had chance yet to revisit this, so will keep you posted if I have any success when I do.


      2. Hello Tom,

        Did You manage to connect to low level audio outs of SOUND 5? I have found ISO wiring diagram and was so anxious to upgrade my Vito sterio system, it’s a pity if it not works.


  2. Hi
    I have an 09 vito with the sound 5 radio
    When i open the door of the van the radio turns itself on and displays the word phone….very puzzling!! Anyone got any ideas??

    1. Hi Roger,
      It sounds like there could be a fault in the phone prep wiring. Can you turn off the phone function in the hidden test menu?. Failing this I would remove the radio from the dash and check the wiring at the rear of the set. If you isolate or remove the phone mute/control wire then it switching over to PHONE should never trouble you again! (Hopefully!!) This can be done by pulling the green connector from middle of bank C on the rear of the radio. All this assumes of course that you are not using the MB radio phone kit. See here for connections: As to its actual cause it could be a faulty phone pre-wiring kit (if fitted) or a back feed from the dome light or its controller finding its way into the phone mute circuit. Pulling the green section of the radio connector should prevent it happening but of course won’t actually rectify the actual problem, just a work round.

      Let me know how you get on, all the best

      1. Thanks for that Steve
        My Vito has got a Parrot phone system, I thought it has almost certain to have been the Parrot wiring so
        I took the radio out and disconected the Parrot and connected the original wiring to the radio to no avail….still the same!!
        I will take it out again and try pulling the wire as you suggested.
        Fingers crossed!!

      2. Hi Roger,
        It will be to do with the wiring to the phone interface connection part of the radio, once that central green connector is removed all sources to switch over the radio to phone mode will be removed and hopefully this will go some way to assist in fault finding the actual problem. I would look closely at the dome light (interior light) circuit or the section of wiring that illuminates the speedo LCD display when the door is opened, as it sounds as if an incorrect wire has been spliced into, that is applying a phone mute/operation signal or ground to the radio ISO connector when the door is opened.
        All the best

      3. Hi Roger,

        I also have a Parrot phone kit (CK3100) in my Vito with the sound 5. If you need any help with the connections, please let me know.


      4. I have a Vito that is displaying ‘Phone’ all of the time. It did have a Bury phone kit installed but i have since removed it. There is nothing connected into Block C of the stereo and it still reads ‘Phone’. I disconnected the stereo overnight, plugged it back in this morning, the radio worked fine and the display showed the radio station but 30 seconds later, reverted back to read ‘Phone’ and the radio cut out. Please Help.

      5. Hi there Brayden
        As there is nothing connected to block C, it is difficult to see what other than a fault is causing the radio to switch mode as if receiving a call. You could go into the test mode and change the AUX setting to see if that changes the mode of operation, as it will route the audio differently I am sure. Its worth a shot but failing any improvement you may have to take it a car audio specialist.

        Try tuning off the AUX feature and see if there is any change.

        The older ISO10478 standard that is common to the older MB audio 10s with optical audio link, these use pin A2 for radio/phone mute. I suppose its worth a look to see if the wiring supports this connection on your iso connector, and see if anything is connected there.

        All the best Steve

  3. Hello, I have a problem with my radio on my Vito
    The fm radio was on and I push my cd in for it to play but it kept on coming back out… After a few tries the cd went in and the radio stayed on but all the Manuel functions were not working.. When I switched of the car and now the radio is died.. Checked the fuse and that’s fine
    Anything I can fix myself

    1. Hi there,
      It may just be worth removing the radio and disconnecting the power for a short time to reset it, should it have locked up the processor. Although from what you describe I do think that there could be a more serious problem with the unit and maybe a specialised repair will be nessesary.
      All the best

  4. I have just got a second hand sprinter and the radio when switched on just displays AUX and I can’t get it to do anything else. Any ideas as to what to do would be much appreciated

    1. Hi Matt,
      If the buttons on the front are non responsive then it looks like the radio CPU has locked up. You may want to try disconnecting the set from the dashboard and reconnecting. If this does not cure it by resetting, then you may be better taking it to a Radio Repair shop for them to take a look.
      Interesting fault – not seen that before, though I have seen inverting display and mirror image display issues, all sorted by disconnecting at the back and then reconnecting.

  5. Hi Steve
    Just as Tom said in the first comment I too came across this site while looking for something else and sure glad I did. For starters I figured out what all the settings are. So thanks loads.

    I have an issue with my system which I have been trying to find a solution to for a while and it seems that I can’t find anything. Maybe you’ll have an idea.

    Everything on my system works fine except whenever I play a CD, the first track will play for about 60-90 seconds and then it will suddenly stop. No matter which button I’ll push it just wont work. If I remove the CD the radio will work fine. The CD will only start playing again if I tun the ignition off and leave it off for a few minutes. Then the episode repeats itself. Works for a minute or so and then stops.

    I had the same issue a couple of months ago and one day it suddenly started working again. I had my car serviced and the problem started again. My mechanic tried to figure it out. I thought it might have something to do with the computer reset he did after the service to clear the service reminders, so we did a couple of resets but nothing.

    I did test it with many disks so it’s not an issue with just one cd.

    Well been trying to find some solution so far nothing. If you have any sort of idea how I could fix it it would make my day,

    Thank you

    1. Hi there,
      this sounds like an internal laser assembly problem, commonly this due to dust or debris on the CD laser lens module. (its a pretty harsh environment inside a car) Try one of these: here is proof and results of testing, it does actually work if dirt is the problem on the lens: If this does not work, either suspect the lens focus or a restricted travel of the laser reading head on the CD deck itself. A repair of this kind would be done by a car audio specialist.
      All the best

  6. Does anybody know how I can set my radio to 1kHz search on AM or 10kHz on MW. I have a MB Bclass on a 59 plate.

    1. Hi there Peter,
      Your radio (presume Audio 20) should by default scan on LW at 1kHz steps, the only difference is that the MW section will scan at 9kHz for USA and 10 kHz for Europe.
      These regional settings should be in the extended menu (Hidden test mode – AREA – Sales Region ECE (Europe)). This setting I suppose could be incorrect/have been wrongly set. The radio does scan very fast, it is almost impossible to see the steps as they flash past, it will only lock into any strong signals. I had assumed the larger Audio 20 could accept direct frequency entry, if you knew the broadcast frequency of the station you required. To summarise I guess you could be in the USA with scan step selected for a Euro model or vice versa.

      Hope that answers your question.

      All the best

  7. can I get my dvd player to show a picture by going into the menue like u showed.. On a Mercedes S500 2004

  8. I have a 2012 C180 from Japan. I when into the Engineering menu and turn off the VICS service which switched COMMAND to English and the radio to 88Mhz – 107Mhz. Exited the Engineering menu and all was well. The radio work perfectly. Switch on the car few hours later and radio stop working. Try getting into the Engineering menu but I am locked out. Any ideas on what to short of disconnecting the battery or going to the dealer?

    1. Hi Gilz,
      It seems maybe turning off the road traffic information system may have interrupted some communications between command/VICS over the CAN that may be essential. I am wondering if the radio is waiting to accept a PIN forced by the reconfiguration (unsure as you don’t specify what model of Comand) Do you have a PIN code to the unit in your service documentation? this may be worth a try. I have little experience with changing the configuration of command from VICS to TMCS. Maybe an advanced car audio/comand specialist is the best bet. Sorry could not be more help.

      All the best

  9. Hi Steve,
    I have a Vito from ’07 with radio cd sound 5. how could I connect my phone (android system) with my radio, to have more music source. so, my meaning is to listen music from my phone in to the car sound system. thank you.

  10. I Have a Vito (61 Plate),(audio 20), for the past few months my radio reception has been terrible. My Daughter started pressing buttons and it has knock the tuning off, it seems as if the frequency fix isn’t working, or maybe some other problem. When Frequency fix is selected it makes no difference. I have tried re tuning on many occasions and also re setting to default, all to no avail. any Ideas ?

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Is this on the Long and Medium wave bands only (FM OK) or on all bands? In the hidden set up menu there is a tuning step selection bought about by the region selection. Your radio (presume Audio 20) should by default scan on LW at 1kHz steps, the only difference is that the MW section will scan at 9kHz for USA and 10 kHz for Europe, some bandwidth differences exist in the FM spectrum too, see here for an explanation –

      These regional settings should be in the extended menu (Hidden test mode – AREA – Sales Region ECE (Europe)). This setting I suppose could be incorrect/have been wrongly set or altered by random button pushing. The radio does scan very fast, it is almost impossible to see the steps as they flash past, it will only lock into any strong signals. To summarise I guess you could be located in the USA with scan step selected for a Euro model or vice versa.

      Hope that helps.

      All the best Steve

      1. Thanks Steve, I’ve definitely knocked something off ! its happening on fm,
        will have a look but not sure how to get hidden set up menu. I am in scotland so
        presume its doing the american thing !

      2. Hi Stephen,
        Instructions how to get into the Audio 10 test mode are here. this is for the earlier models not not really much use for those fitted with the later colour screen audio series.

        However if use these YouTube instructions for the audio 20 as a guide, although the physical configuration with regard the shape of the radio in the dash may be slightly different, the key input sequences will be mostly similar and with some adaptation/trial and error for your installation, should get you in there.

        You could always try a factory reset:
        Audio 20 Reset

        Just found this:- it is reported to work on the Audio 20 (Circa 2014) to gain access to the engineering menu:

        1 – Turn on your headunit

        2 – Hold down the red ‘hang up telephone icon’ the # key and the number 1 key simultaneously for around 5 seconds and the screen will change to display the ‘engineering mode’ menu.

        3 – Use the comand wheel to scroll though and select the required engineering menu.

        All the best

  11. Hi Steve, I have found out how to access the hidden menu but unsure what to do next, the problem is on all bands but prob worst on FM, which what I mainly use, can you help ?

    1. Hi Stephen,
      I would be looking for an ‘area’ setting which would need to be ECE or EU (Europe and Not US/USA) if all else fails look for a reset command and set all defaults to the factory settings in the hope it sorts itself out!

      Could you post up the ‘engineering mode access’ button press procedure/sequence so I and others may benefit – Many thanks.

      All the best

  12. Thanks Steve, not sure I’ve seen those commands ,I’ve been getting in by holding down 1 and Hash buttons along with the Red Phone button

    1. Hi Stephen,

      Try this, since the cut and paste command did not work correctly with the text I was copying here is an image, did you try this before?:

      Audio 20 Reset


  13. Steve, sorry I don’t understand where the i or the = or the : buttons are ?
    Are you talking about buttons on a keyboard connected, my radio docent have these buttons ?

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Sorry about that the cut/paste changed some characters, I have edited the post below to include an image of the reset text. Did you try this before?
      Have you checked the antenna connection, often accessed behind the dome light. On earlier W639s it was in the screen and had a connection press stud behind the dome lamp, though I think later models used a ‘real’ antenna on the roof. just an outside chance it is just a very poor signal caused by a poor connection to the antenna.

      All the best

  14. Steve, after weeks of accessing the hidden menu, searching through the different items and scratching my head at what i could do to make this radio work properly – This morning I checked the button connection at the top of the windscreen – and hey presto – wasn’t connected ! Had a new windscreen fitted a year ago and they surely must have not secured it properly ! Only problem now will be getting out of the van to do some work !!
    Thanks for all your help and all the best for 2016 !1

  15. Hi Steve – my sound 5 is apparently stuck on overheat mode – display works, but no sound. Any ideas besides unplugging?


    1. Hi Greg,
      As you say the best reset is to power down the radio for a period at the supply socket and see if that resets it. There is some mention of temperature/thermal in the test mode but I am uncertain how that would help you reset the radio if at all. Interesting to know if going into the test mode and exiting would reset the radio at a level high enough to toggle the thermal lock out. I may have a chassis here if you have no joy with the reset, is it a Becker or Hyundai unit you have.?

      All the best

  16. Had to watch several times but it worked on my 2012 freightliner sprinter.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

  17. Hello Steve,
    I have a new Sound 5 radio (the old one broke) from the MB dealer and I need to switch on the rear speakers to work but it seems that the combination of the pressed buttons doesn’t make the radio to go to a Test mode. It is a 2016 model. Has anyone come up with another way, how to get to a Test mode? Or do I really have to go to a deal to have it switched on?
    Thanks a lot

  18. Hi everybody, I just succeeded , following advises up here, wired AUX on my sound 5 CD radio in my Mercedes b class W245. Thanks for advises.
    At this point I have another idea-possibly to replace existing sound 5 radio with new 7” radio set (touch screen, GPS,….) as now a days cars have. There is large offer on web but problem I am facing is dash configuration, not possible to mount such set, different dash configuration should be mounted. I think B class w245 with sound 20 has such dash.
    Has somebody advise where such dash can be found or any experience with .
    Many thanks

  19. HI Steve, very handy info. Saved me buying a new headunit because I needed to get AUX input. Just got a cable from Ebay and enabled AUX from service menu.
    Another feature I have been using is shortwave band which is limited to 5.8 to 6.25 kHz only. But it allows me to listen Radio NZ shortwave broadcast here in Australia.

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