Mercedes Benz Registration Plate Frame – Installation

Unsure of the outcome of the pending insurance claim on the Mercedes E320 CDI I decided to transfer the registration plates to the Vito to cover me in the event the insurance company declared my car a ‘total loss’ and switching plates became more complex overnight.

Mercedes Vito W639 Registration Plate Frame

Having removed the original plates from the Mercedes Vito I decided to clean up the area and use some new mounting frames for the fresh plates. A quick scan on the online auction sites drew my attention to these.  They seemed cheap enough and of reasonable quality, I thought I would give them a go.  I was skeptical as to whether they would be any use as out of all the reviews of previous purchasers there was one who complained and stated they were ‘rubbish and binned them’ – being objective and not expecting the world for what I was about to pay for a pair, I took the plunge and glad I did!

Mercedes Registration Plate Frame

From placing the order to delivery through the letter box was two days, I was pleased with the packing and the frames looked well when I inspected them.

Mercedes Registration Plate Fixing

To fit the rear plate, open the frame by springing the clips and open it up (hinged). Use a little double sided sticky tape on the back edges and other broad plastic sections to give a nice firm mount when fixed with the two original screw in Mercedes door fixings.  I used plastic screw caps to provide a larger surface area for the screws to tighten down onto the frame.  These did not affect the fitting of the reg plate as they fell below the back plate supports.

Mercedes Benz Registration Plate Mounting Frame

Once fixed, tuck the reg plate under the lips provided in the top of the inner frame.  Pull down the four sprung bottom retainers that have a further lip that secures the plate snugly to the back plate.  Making sure the reg plate is central in the frame, close the door downward and snap the fixings closed.  Job done !  Same routine for the front plate, other than to add extra fixing screws in the extreme four corners to allow a more rigid mounting of the frame – this is really important, as the frame would otherwise get easily caught when washing the vehicle etc.

Registration Plate Fixing Clips

A nice simple task that took less than 20 minutes to complete and I think looks a very tidy job.

Mercedes Vito W639 Number Plate Frame

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